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December 18, 2013


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So the keys I will be using in this story is (y/n)=your name, (h/l)=hair length, (h/c)=hair color, (e/c)=eye color, (f/c)=fabric color, (s/c)=skin color. (______)=Insert whatever fits.

Chapter Five: Preparing for Hell

(PoV: Jeff’s)

As I was scurrying around my room in search for materials my mind kept going back to that dream. The same girl but different dream. I don’t understand it and of course I guess I don’t want to but… Something keeps pulling me to the thought. The thought of that child in my dreams. The unforgettable feeling of having to protect her. Being angry at whoever attacked her, caused her to be scared. It angered me more than anything. Looking around the room practically turning it upside down. When I find a leather band, some needles, a tick thread, and more leather pieces I get to work.

Starting with the band I measure the length of my arm and think about (y/n) on my stomach. The image of her sleeping there burned into my brain and this makes me really start to wish I never burned my lids off. Just so I could blink the image of her away and out of my brain. By now I have nearly finished what I started when I hear a light tap at my door. Not really trying hard to hide my project I open the door.

The sight of her wearing her (f/c) camisole and (f/c) windpants was breathtaking. Strangely my breath hitched and I turn my head quickly. She must of taken a shower and changed her clothes because her hair was wet and she isn’t wearing her clothes from earlier. Looking back at her once I caught my breath I take a minute to say, “What do you want?”

She gives me a small smile and says, “I made you some dinner. You were in here for a while anyways I thought you would be hungry.”

Blinking at her I turn away and said, “Whatever. You should uhm… get some sleep.”

She nods and just turns around and walks off. Not wanting to talk anymore I guess. She heads into her room and closes the door behind her.

After an hour of waiting for her to go to sleep I head into the kitchen and get some of the food she was talking about. My smile widened as I ate. My actual lips not my scars I made so long ago. When I am done I head back into my room, and I get back to work and fall asleep at the desk.

When I wake I am not in my room. I am in a room with pink walls and flowers along the sides of one wall. A sudden memory of me painting them with a small child ran back to me. That is when I feel a small form snuggle closer into me. My hand was stroking her hair like I had done with (y/n). This child so small I start to wonder what is keeping me from killing her. What is stopping me from controlling my own dreams? Why am I unable to move in the way I want? Turning my head away from the child I slide from her arms and hear a sound come from the door. Not a chance of me being able to make it out the window I slid under the bed quickly.

I hear a small voice call my name and then an older voice said her name. Though her name was blurred and I couldn’t make it out. But the way the older voice spoke made me cringe. A little while after my blood begins to boil because few minutes later I hear a smack. Her parents must be at it again. I feel a soft hand reach under the bed to grasp mine. It was shaking as she gripped my hand tighter. I slide from under the bed and take her in my arms. Looking at her I say softly, “I will take you from this place. But only if you let me.”

My heart breaks at seeing her crying face and I don’t know why. Even though I thought she would say yes. She quickly shakes her head no. Her soft voice rang out to me before waking as she spoke, “I can not leave them. They need me.”

I rise quickly from my dreaming state and look around my room. As I turn my head I notice a blanket is draped around my shoulders. Getting up the blanket falls and I walk out of the room. Though the sight I see isn’t what I expected. She is practically dancing in her underwear trying to get the skirt on. Her blouse unbuttoned and her blazer is on the table. That is when it struck me, we had school. Why didn’t she wake me? I am supposed to watch her all through out the day. Slendy even had it to where I was in all her classes.

I rush back into my room and hurry to find everything. Slipping into my pants and button up. Putting on my brace and slipping my knife into it soon after. I button my shirt up ignoring some buttons on the bottom and at the top. Walking over to my door I walk out. Soon after I notice she wasn’t in the living room or kitchen. I walk over to her bedroom door and knock. Soon the door was flung open and she came rushing out.

I held my hands up in front of me but with how fast she was going she knocked us both down. The touch of her hands on my forearms felt strange and sent tingles up and down my arm. Her hair was in a messy bun and fell over her eyes. This again gave me the urge to move the stray hairs out from in front of her face. Though I was clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth, I was still able to say, “Get off me.”

She quickly opened her eyes which I now realized were closed tightly as she quickly lifted her head. Looking at me for a good minute before quickly getting up. Looking at me slightly embarrassed she says, “I am so sorry.”

I look up at her and shake my head. A strange thought floating over my brain had caused me to do such. I didn’t want to think of it, in my head it was just stupid.

(PoV: Reader’s)

When you finally wake up from a great slumber you look at your alarm clock. Noticing it said 6:30 you got up hastily in a panic. On school days you were up before everyone else at five in the morning. Moving all over your room you grab the uniform and hurry out. You had hastily thrown the blouse on but didn’t button it. Running out of your room you were maneuvering all over the kitchen trying to put the skirt on and prepare breakfast. After finally getting the skirt on which was plaid but with the colors black, blue, white, and grey, you hurried to the fridge and got the orange juice out.

Pouring two glasses and walking to the stove you turn it on low. You were preparing a healthy breakfast of an omelet, bacon, and toast. You already had the bacon and toast out of the way. However, the omelet was close to being done. Thinking for a minute you realize you forgot your school assorted bag (the bag that all students MUST use for in the school I might add). Rushing to your room to look for it. You don’t even notice the knock that came to your door.

Upon finding the bag you set it on your bed and head to rush out your door. Flinging the door open and hurrying out you don’t even notice till too late that you had ran right into Jeff. You had braced yourself for impact. A hand on each forearm and your head on his chest. Having ran into him you knocked him and yourself to the ground. Your hair was in a messy bun hair flying out and in front of your face.

When an agitated, “Get off me,” came from Jeff you opened your eyes which you had closed tightly. A habit you developed from who knows when. A habit that only happens when you are in danger or scared. Looking at him for a minute but that minute seemed almost like forever, you quickly rose. Staring at him quite embarrassed you said, “I’m sorry.” Walking off you didn’t see him shake his head. You really didn’t want to see him anyways.

Setting down two plates you said, “Okay so breakfast is served.”

Looking at the food he says, “Alright.” His expression gave no emotion. The scars on his face pulled down and he picked up his plate. Heading off into his room he did not coming out till he was done with his meal. Putting your plate in the sink you rinsed it and walked over to the door.

Your school bag in hand and a warm school jacket you walked out the house. You were only down the street a couple blocks from the school when a hand draped over your shoulder. Instinct kicking in you elbowed the person in their gut and whipped around quickly. The man hunched over you realize quickly that it was Jeff.
Chapter Five- Preparing for Hell is now out. After typing this for so long I finally got it done. I mean it was close to be done than I sat down and typed for like an hour to get the rest of it done. Now onward to chapter six... what does fate have in store for them?

Prologue: Found Here
Chapter One: Found Here
Chapter Two: Found Here
Chapter Three: Found Here
Chapter Four: Found Here
Chapter Five: You are here.
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Ask-TDROTI-Manitina Apr 9, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
hahaha elbowing him twice in the gut XD
ashesthekiller Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Where are you Chapter 6?
again with hitting jeff in the gut :rofl: so funny and love the story 
FanficQueen Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I guess our reader can't help but hit the poor guy there. Lol I thought that was a nice touch myself.^^
Pffft i would have hit him too if i was scared like that
FanficQueen Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:3 I think the reader will get a few more scares like that. I think I am trying for twenty chapters in this one. That is the goal and I would like to stick to it.^^

I am glad you like to read it.
Yes so many chapters ^_^
EPICGOOFBALL Feb 1, 2014  Student General Artist
Alrighty.....where's my chapter 6? I've waited 2 months now :(
FanficQueen Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I am so sorry but I have been super busy with a lot of things. Such as my brothers, college, and work.^^; I promise it will be done as soon as I can. It's mainly Jeff's PoV... (It's just his PoV actually) so it's taking longer because I have to make as in character as possible^^
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